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Ivana Bosnjak & Ram Rawat

Hey, it’s Ivana here again, along with Ram.

Ad Target Drill really is the fastest and simplest way to making money online, in just 4 steps:



Intercept Buyer Traffic


Send it to ‘can’t fail’ affiliate offers (which you have already been pre-approved for….even if you have zero track record)


Retarget this free traffic using my Google AdWords hack that turns $10-20 ad costs into 3 figure paydays


Rinse and Repeat!

However, you can still make mistakes, and of course, you’ll have to do a few things manually:


You still need to go through the effort of writing landing / squeeze pages, designing the ad image, and writing the text for each offer

Once you’ve hit the glass ceiling of commissions with your 3 affiliate offers, you will need to research other affiliate offers to find which ones are likely to be profitable


Ad Target Drill shows you, Step-By-Step, how to generate a ton of free Facebook traffic, direct to 3 proven affiliate offers, and how to create Google Ads that drive even MORE buying traffic to those offers for super-high affiliate commissions.

But it does take TIME and EFFORT to create landing pages, email swipes and other copy, and it takes time and effort to research new affiliate offers to promote………

If you mess things up, you’ll need to start over, perhaps needing to make multiple attempts.


Why go through this effort?

I can save you all that time and effort I spent figuring it all out on my own, as well as navigate you away from all the mistakes I made………

I will hand you, on a silver platter, a further FIVE “proven-to-convert-like-crazy” affiliate offers, where you are guaranteed approval for instant commissions (even if you have never promoted an offer before, and never made a dime online).

Also, each of the 5 offers will come complete with done-for-you landing pages, ad images, ad text and ready made bonuses to give out…

EVERYTHING you need so you don’t need to write or design a thing!

In other words, literally EVERYTHING you need to take your Ad Target Drill earnings to the next level, without writing or designing a single graphic, is right HERE.

Here's what you’ll get…

5 perfect ‘evergreen’ offers for you to promote immediately, with 100% permissions granted, and 100% commissions guaranteed – no need to spend time sourcing lucrative affiliate offers, keeping your fingers crossed that the product owner will approve you.

5 converting ads that I’ve personally used to turn small ad budgets such as $10-20 per ad into 3 and 4 figure paydays with these specific offers above – why bother writing and designing your own when you can simple copy my proven ads?

5 proven, high converting landing pages for each of your 5 offers – no need to design your own pages

Access to a member’s area full of every type of promotion tool you can think of, such graphics, ad text etc. – if you hate designing and copywriting, this will make your year!

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To "YOUR" Online Success,

Ivana Bosnjak & Ram Rawat

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