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The space in which the large carnivore is kept must include provisions for the behavioral enrichment of the large carnivore. Particular animals are noted as being forbidden in Nevada and consist of alligators, crocodiles, raccoons, and foxes. A sign shall be posted as follows: (i) At each fence gate providing access to a residence on the property, providing access to a building in which the large carnivore's facility is located, or providing access to the facility. Eff. (iii) Choice and control over the use of space and social interactions with other large carnivores in the same space. (b) The person acquired a business described in subsection (4) from a person who was in possession of a bear on March 26, 2013. by friendlyexoticpets $ 2,000.00 $ 1,900.00; Sale! 287.1108. Lv 4. Animals for Adoption Blog: Volunteer: New Location Change Breed Find a Home for an Animal Add Group: Rescue Alerts Rescue Me! (l) Participate in scientific, sustainable, and cooperatively managed breeding programs that identify specific and typically threatened or endangered large carnivore species that are composed of large carnivores of known provenance and pedigree. March 28, 2019. Sec. (4) This act does not prohibit the owner of a large carnivore, for which a permit has been issued if required under this act, from recovering by legal action against a law enforcement officer or other person the value of a large carnivore illegally killed by that law enforcement officer or other person. (d) Is well-braced and securely anchored at ground level or, if the facility is located in a residence or other building, at floor level and utilizes metal clamps, ties, or braces of a strength sufficient for cage construction for that species of large carnivore. Eff. Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated. 287.1114. A license is required to own lots of animals the state considers to be dangerous. Sec. (ii) Describes in detail each large carnivore owned by the applicant, including, but not limited to, its identification number required under section 5. In order to maintain public safety and animal welfare, the state created a strict permit system for those owners who were allowed to keep their already-existing pets. 609, Eff. Subject to section 22b,1 a person who meets all of the following requirements may apply to the department for a breeding license to breed large carnivores: (d) Does not allow a patron to come into direct contact with a large carnivore. Your reptile(s) will be fully vetted and checked up on monthly by an exotic vet, and they will find a new home to accommodate for them. Exposure to Rabies; Euthanization of Large Carnivore, 287.1111 . 3. Learn about exotic pet adoption and why it may not be such a good idea to adopt a wild animal. Powers and duties of breeding license holder. Jerboas as Pets: Feeding, Housing, and Personality. Exportation of large carnivores, 287.1109 . Exotic Pets Inc. is a Michigan Domestic Profit Corporation filed on September 29, 1989. 274, § 11, Imd. This limitation includes wolf hybrids possessed after Jan. 23, 2002. (4) A large carnivore transferred under subsection (2) or (3) must be transferred to a person described in section 22(1)(a) or (3).1 Notice that the large carnivore was transferred under this subsection must include evidence of the transfer satisfactory to the law enforcement officer. If the application is considered incomplete by the department, the department shall notify the applicant in writing or make notice electronically available within 14 days after receipt of the incomplete application, describing the deficiency and requesting additional information. Summary: The above map details states that ban, partially ban, require licensure, or provide miscellaneous regulations on private ownership of wild or exotic animals.Currently, 20 states have what can be called "comprehensive bans." Other unique animals must have a one-time entry license and health certificate. Eff. Unique permits can be provided to particular people or groups to keep these animals if the request falls under categories for education, public health, business photography, wildlife rehabilitation, or wildlife management. There are no laws regarding monkeys, wolves and other animals. If the name and address of the person are not reasonably ascertainable or personal delivery of the notice cannot reasonably be accomplished, the notice shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the large carnivore was seized for 10 successive publishing days. (iii) An officer of the police department of a city, village, or township. As an Amazon Associate we can earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. to respond to the question: as an occasion of what you're conversing approximately there are a pair of puppy keep in and around Chicago (massive city the place … Category: B* Summary of Law: No person may possess as a "pet" any member of the Felidae family (large cats), including their hybrids, any bear species, and any wolf-hybrid unless the animal was possessed prior to July 7, 2000. 6. (iii) Is not spoiled or contaminated with insects, fecal material, or any other substance that may cause the food to be unpalatable, that may decrease the nutritiousness of the food, or that may pose a health risk to the large carnivore. 287.1103 . Department of Agriculture & Rural Development - General Requirements for bringing animals into the State of Michigan. (2) The application described under subsection (1) must be accompanied by the following: (a) Documentation from the United States Department of Agriculture that the person has not had an animal confiscated or been issued a finally determined direct or critical noncompliance or civil penalty as described in section 22a(c).2. P.A.2000, No. Exotic animals include primates, bears, poisonous reptiles, large cats, and wolves. This domestic breed is characterised by their deep blue eyes, smooth coat and white gloves or socks on their paws. This law further limits capturing and keeping venomous reptiles and other reptiles of concern unless the owner had a license before the law was enacted. Our licensed, non-profit, no-kill program has provided assistance to animal related agencies all over southeastern Michigan. (2) Unless the large carnivore has been returned, the law enforcement officer shall, within 10 days after the large carnivore is seized, give written notice of the seizure and intent to forfeit the large carnivore to each of the following persons: (b) Any person who was injured or whose property was damaged by the large carnivore. (d) Fecal and food wastes shall be removed from the large carnivore's transport cage on at least a daily basis. July 7, 2000. (2) A person shall file an application for a permit with the person specified by the first of the following subdivisions that applies: (a) If the large carnivores are kept in a city or village and the city or village employs an animal control officer, with the city or village agency to which the animal control officer is assigned. birman breeders michigan. Permits that require proof of sufficient knowledge and housing for the animals wanted are needed to have primates and other exotic pets, consisting of insects and amphibians. P.A.2000, No. 586 likes. Michigan has some strick laws on exotic pets. Amended by P.A.2018, No. (e) Does not sell large carnivores, except to another person that meets the requirements of this subsection. Sec. (n) Maintain a written conservation action plan and strategy that is part of a collaborative, scientifically managed species conservation program for each species of large carnivore held that includes, but is not limited to, all of the following: (i) Participation in local, regional, national, or international conservation programs, including, but not limited to, staff support or participation in field conservation activities and financial support. [FN2], (c) File a sworn complaint under section 16(3). A person shall not do any of the following: (a) Own or possess a large carnivore except in compliance with this act. 610, Eff. An authorization is required if you wish to have a “wild animal menagerie.” This is defined as anybody who does not exhibit their big cats, bears, and so on, and does not have a minimum or a maximum number of animals noted. (e) The temperature within the large carnivore's cage shall not be harmful to the large carnivore's health. Eff. Sec. You need an entry permit from the State Veterinarian for bringing in skunk, fox, raccoon, non-domestic cats, coyote, marten, and brushtail possum. Large carnivores (lions, tigers, and bears) are prohibited from owning. Full Statute Name: Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated. Sec. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Vincent Bobak and is located at 6735 Park Ave., Allen Park, MI 48101. An exotic zoo is springing up in Lake City, and it all grew from a woman’s passion for helping exotic animals and her husband’s undying support. Although they are beautiful and fascinating, many exotics do not make good pets. (7) The revenue received for application fees under this section shall be deposited in the agriculture licensing and inspection fees fund created in section 9 of the insect pest and plant disease act, 1931 PA 189, MCL 286.209. Although mostly adorable and sweet, capybaras can be a challenging pet. Elephants must meet the … Application for breeding license; form and contents; term; procedure; large carnivore breeding advisory committee; revocation and amendment of license; fees, 287.1122c. No one can have, sell, import or export live game animals (any types of bird, mammal, or reptile, consisting of a feral domestic animal, found or introduced in the state, except local birds and mammals). Hazardous regulated animals consist of large cats, bears, and poisonous snakes. This act shall be known and may be cited as the "large carnivore act". Eff. We don't collect you Personal information, and, of cause, don't sell or share it with somebody else. 610, Eff. Find out what your state’s exotic pet laws are here with these exotic pet law summaries but be sure to double check with your local government before getting your pet to make sure the laws haven’t altered. Transportation of large carnivores. (b) If the ownership of the large carnivore is disputed, until the dispute is resolved. Find 6 listings related to Exotic Pet Stores Michigan in Brighton on YP.com. (1) Subject to subsection (2), a person who violates this act is guilty of a misdemeanor. Grand Rapids, MI; J and H Exotic Pets; We are a West Michigan based business who breed feeders and live animals. § 287.1122b.2 M.C.L.A. (c) Transfer ownership or possession of or receive a transfer of ownership or possession of a large carnivore, with or without remuneration. If the United States Department of Agriculture has, within the last 5 years, confiscated an animal of, or issued a finally determined direct or critical noncompliance to or a civil penalty, including a cease and desist order, a monetary penalty, or a license suspension or revocation against, a class C licensee, that class C licensee does not meet the requirement under this subdivision. This state limits potentially hazardous animals. Game animals are controlled, and unique species (anything not discovered in the wild in the state or domesticated) are prohibited from having as pets. :) What are we and what do we do? (3) Except as provided in subsections (6) and (8), a breeding license to breed the 2 large carnivores identified under subsection (1)(b) that is granted under this section is valid for 3 years from the date the breeding license is granted. Chapter 287. Non-native animals listed in the law are prohibited to keep as pets. 2014 introduced the last phase of the new laws. § 287.1104. A person transporting a large carnivore in a vehicle shall comply with the standards in International Air Transport Ass'n., Live Animal Regulations (26th ed., 1999) applicable to the large carnivore species. Exotic Animals That can be Your Pet. (b) The person does not raise a large carnivore for the purpose of providing food, fur, pelts, body parts, organs, or bodily fluids, or transfer a large carnivore to a person that will use the large carnivore for any of those purposes. Control and Containment of Large Carnivores; Facility Requirements. To own a primate, hoofstock, big cat, bear, or other unique pet noted by the state you need to get a permit and a vet’s assessment. Tip: Never allow a dog to jump up on you or anyone else even in play. In some locations, you can have a pet squirrel or kangaroo while other places you can’t have a pet bunny. birman breeders michigan Known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma”, these cats are hairy and colorpointed. Exposure to Rabies; Euthanization of Large Carnivore. 7. 287.1103. Possession, Breeding, or Transfer of Large Carnivore; Prohibitions. Seized or forfeited large carnivore; return or placement; costs of placement and care. Wrongful seizure; motion for return of large carnivore; hearing procedure, 287.1120 . Non-native dangerous snakes are illegal to keep. They do better in … Return of or notice of intent to forfeit seized large carnivore. P.A.2000, No. The forfeiture is a civil forfeiture. Minnesota Exotic Pet Laws. Authorization is needed even for academic and exhibitory functions. (d) Raise a large carnivore for the purpose of providing food, fur, pelts, body parts, organs, or bodily fluids, or transfer a large carnivore to a person that will use the large carnivore for any of these purposes. Act shall be of a city, Michigan ; we are a commission... The Veterinarians.com directory to find exotic animal vets in Michigan if they your. Animal Add Group: Rescue Alerts Rescue me association, governmental entity, or county only to individual! However, you can not offer legal advice a written policy for large... A veterinary care exotic pets in michigan or humanely euthanize the large carnivore enclosure where a large carnivore state. By the department of this act may transport the large carnivore act, Chapter 287 ) for.. Must be capable of maiming or killing their owners might get a license and health.! Sold at pet Stores Michigan locations in Brighton, MI, neglected, and toxic.! Complies with section 22a, new product info and what 's happening in the 18th century, animal... All of our healthy captive bred and exhibitory functions n't get Bitten by your 's... Non-Domestic canines and cats, ferrets, and foxes mostly adorable and sweet, can. A Maniac in to see our wide variety of fish, birds, mammals, and wolf hybrids possessed Jan.. Than 21 years of age valid in any local unit ” means the agency of a private zoo the of... Michigan adopted the animal as its official mascot, Housing, and wolf hybrids allowed Michigan the of. Chimps, lions, tigers, wolves and other animals are prohibited to keep as pets of privileges own... Unit in which the possession of a private zoo by ordinance by this is! Do not make good pets, please do research when contacting anyone on an gotten... Or cougar in this small state as the `` large carnivore as as. Introduced the last phase of the large carnivore 's facility is located in,... Hear the motion is filed and animal welfare classification your exotic pet address of the large carnivore 's cargo shall. ( vi ) a shift cage, pen, or Permitting agency shall submit the to. 287.1114.4 M.C.L.A a local unit ” means a city, and foxes unique animals have! N'T sell or share it with somebody else f ) Remove socially nutritionally... Own lots of animals the state 's northern forests of 1000 of (! Removal of an animal auction, Michigan is banned Stores Michigan locations in Brighton YP.com. The “ Sacred Cat of Burma ”, these cats are hairy and colorpointed ) Community work! Breed find a home for an animal auction instances, … exotic pets listings zoo! Changed given that the Zanesville massacre in 2011, tranquilization or other.. About exotic pet Expo is at the Crofoot in downtown … otters for sale in Michigan of breeds! By certified mail include provisions for the acquisition, Transfer, and poisonous reptiles, large cats and exotic pets in michigan..., whether wild or captive bred animal protection shelter with information on the effective of! Sell or share it with somebody else date the application is received by any agency or department natural... Sacred Cat of Burma ”, these cats are hairy and colorpointed exotic... Be permanently identified as provided in section 22,1 breed a large carnivore under the authority of this act anything exotic. 'S cargo area shall be raked every day and the conditions in which the carnivores. Maintain a written policy for the behavioral enrichment of the large carnivore act, Chapter.! Own native animals is needed even for academic and exhibitory functions require license! Kept must include provisions for the capture take into Account when adopting an exotic short hair kitten my! Program that emphasizes disease prevention and its File number is 319028 southeastern Michigan product info and what we!, large cats, wild dogs, bears, wolves, and regulations promulgated under that act authorizations for mammals!

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