syntaxerror: cannot use import statement outside a module jest vue

React Tester. Most of them are actually plain ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) module syntax that TypeScript uses as well. The SFC compiler comes with a parse function. I did a rm -rf node_modules && npm cache clean --force && npm install ^ began erroring. In this article, we build a transformer to change Vue 3 .vue component into a format Jest can understand. Install babel with yarn add @babel/core and use it: Still no luck! However, if you had paid your friend back with cash, which is like a default export, you have no proof. This is a zero dependencies date interval picker component I made in Vuejs and Typescript. If you only have one thing to export out of a file or multiple modules. If we return it from process we get "SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module". Samantha's Story Time ... Let's say you owe your friend some money. // You're already exporting name ☝️, don't export me again, Why I've stopped exporting defaults from my JavaScript modules. I have a problem with configurations of Babel 7, Webpack 4 and Jest. To make objects, functions, classes or variables available to the outside world it’s as simple as exporting them and then importing them where needed in other files. Recommended tester for react components is based on jest.. Add React Libraries as Peer Dependencies with Relaxed Versions. You need to unignore them. There is also an error showing: This above warning is happening because we are only returning the compiler