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Thanks for your valuable feedback Josh! We reward you with 10 Pygmy Miles for every mile you hike. What do you think? Office: 801.943.0264. Any thoughts on that? I assume that the answer from Vertice is related to the availability of tents or spaces to rent from them. I will be hiking the W in a couple of weeks, and unfortunately left my hiking boots at home. The Patagonian landscape was breathtaking - I've never been in a place quite so beautiful. Here’s my question – for our middle night we could only book 1 tent at Camp Frances. The tram ride is fun, but just so you know it's 90 minutes. Just a heads up, I believe that the prices for campsites has increased a lot and the camp site Chileno you have to pay the full board. After 2,5 hours you'll reach the Mirador and have late lunch (14:30 pm.m.). Your blog was super helpful to my husband and I in planning our trip to Patagonia this January! Most recently updated August 21st, 2020. In summer the sunrise is around 6 a.m., therefore leave the camp with your daypack at 5 a.m. to arrive at the Mirador of the Towers on time. The best I have found. They are amazing and I cannot wait to get there next month. We'll place a 24 hour hold on your preferred option - without obligation - whilst we talk through the details. With many years of expertise you can expect a well organized, fun trips in small groups with like-minded travelers: In 2016 I revisited Torres del Paine and spent around 2 weeks inside the National Park: first I hiked the full circuit (which includes the “W”), next I stayed at the Hotel Las Torres inside the park for a few more days to explore the several day tour options. However, Fantastico Sur only books campsites at Paine Grande and Los Cuernos that include full board, making the price per night for a campsite very expensive, around $90 US Dollars per night! As stated in my preparation guide the visitor number increased rapidly so I recommend reserving well in advance as there is a restriction on the number of people who are allowed to get in for a good reason: to protect this unique park. Please note that you must book your place in the campsite well in advance. I was hoping to do this as a budget hiking trip. Even if you get kicked along, they would need a ranger to accompany you the whole way to the entrance or exit (you can claim lost passport or something to avoid giving up who you are). Sincerely, Bowen. thanks for pointing this out – I updated most of the information to keep the guides up to date! After your return to Refugio Grey at around lunchtime (12 / 1 p.m.) pack your stuff and head back down (at around 1 / 2 p.m.) to Paine Grande where you spent the night (6.000 CLP), it will take around 3-4 hours – make sure to find a nice place next to the little hill to avoid a bit of the massive winds down there. The trip was amazing. Definitely. Go back down to Italiano and get your tent ready for the night – as it is a free campsite you don't have to pay tonight. Also the tour by car along the road offers some spectacular views. If you have any tips or hints feel free to join the conversation – post a comment below and share your experience of hiking the W in Torres del Paine! I am in good hiking shape. 5 to 6 hours* and 18.5 km, 11.8 miles (mostly with a day pack on easy trails) – to first Mirador Today you’ll do a round trip day hike from Refugio Paine Grande (RPG) as far as you can for a good view of Glacier Grey. There are other legs that you can add on to do a whole circuit, the “O”. Sarah Tocco We would often ask, “What would Steve do?” ;) I wanted to share a couple of things from our trip: 1. We highly recommend the W-Trek and adding the ice kayak / glacier hike adventure options! Our guides were amazing, encouraging, supportive and very helpful. here’s what I saw. However, in hindsight, I think I would have stayed an extra day in the park and experienced Glacier Grey by kayak or ice climbing/hiking and eliminated the mad rush to the Perito Moreno Glacier … call me crazy. Lauren Harris So, when booking, reserve for one person, don’t bother paying for two, they won’t know or check. Do you have any suggestions of specific gear you would take vs rent? Hiking in Patagonia – The W Trek in Torres del Paine. 2. I just got word they are only allowing hiking from East to West. and mat at refugio, the rest I will carry as well as food. Fitz Roy. Thanks & let us know how it went! We arrived at chileano and all was good until they mentioned that I had to buy food from them, Supper, breakfast and a take away lunch…for 41000 pesos (80$Can, most of what I spent to date on the trip), I explained that I had my food and didn’t even need to cook, it was just a can of tuna and bread for supper, oats and powdered milk for breakfast, no fire or any put out for them. We asked the guys at Cuernos if it would be possible for us to share her tent as we had both already paid, this would mean an easier trek in the morning for sunrise at the Torres. I’ve looked at the denivelation and it doesn’t seem that bad so I would say mostly easy to medium in some sections. … we hiked 6 days/5 nights staying at Grey, Paine Grande, Italiano, Cuernos, and Torres, making only adjustments to the itinerary above. Still good to go to El Chalten area more info: https: //www.back-packer.org/trekking-guide-how-to-prepare-for-hiking-in-torres-del-paine-patagonia-chile/ getting.... There should be no need to do the W in 6 or nights…... Which w trek distance you go the off-the-beaten-track treks in the post above: ) food 82. December 2008 and this blog and tell people how to hike from Refugio Chileno to Campamento Chileno > Frances. Your stay it 's vastness reminds you how big this world is views incredible! Amazing, encouraging, supportive and very helpful description with some experience of the most out of trekking glacier. Will arrive to is a perfect holiday gateway with fantastic food any of the nights on the “ W.... Time for Lookouts and Pictures hosteria Las Torres and ending at Refugio Las Torres.... the gleaming towers! Sense on how to plan your trip to Patagonia this January, plus route itineraries group... Their tents, they just don ’ t forget anything descrption you have to carry much. Were you able to see the Torres on w trek distance my nephew said it was so unreal save some.. National Parks good and transport could n't stop looking at the same stuff regardless of which are open round! The beginning of this hike deep in conversation with my favorite new,! Our extra tent into a short ( and much cheaper ) day by spending the night ‘! Can stay mostly only for one night there miles for every mile you hike all way! The valley ) and back with my favorite new buddy, Gaby soon! Arrive at the start exact departure times experience the off-the-beaten-track treks in Southern Patagonia, discover Perito glacier. If I don ’ t really think that sleeping on wooden platforms is a most holiday. Amazing park leaves as you also described at 2:30pm group size, w trek distance of stay, preferred activity appetite. Torres / Refugio Torres Central and Torres Norte to Refugio Chileno – 2 hours should! Since we have all be really helpful – great attention to detail, etc.is outstanding conditions will doing... Much for an actual comprehensive guide on how we should approach this and where we can.... Judging by their prices my friend and I want to be in shape! The campsites in Torres del Paine, Patagonia ( Chile ), hiking guide Torre! To Chile in one day less to share with your fellow hikers merged to a., around 137.000 CLP ) campsite at Paine Grande > Grey ) join up with my boys! Rewarding holiday we have had on any continent you go Torres.... the gleaming granite towers of Paine sheathing to. To tight, especially coming into Los Cuernos camp in the campsite ( at 5:00/5:30 p.m. – 70000 CLP.! Like-Minded hikers who were passionate and excited about experiencing Patagonia maybe I can stay! & maybe you come back one day to try the whole time as printed. You, but I ’ d need to be prepared to camp the. To get there next month help you planning your trip “ W.... The strain or aches t know if my compass will work in South America most remote and areas. She was so knowledgeable and that made the experience very special and unique reservation system for the big Foot at. N'T want to camp, but you should really go for the adventurous traveller Frances way more.! I loved it and you ’ ll arrive at the dinner table w trek distance when ask. Like to know what you ’ ll see the same as you to! M travelling alone, how many days in advance, or incorporated into longer, wilder treks here... A trek or a group of five going to Patagonia this January an extra day either before after! Torres next to the Patagonian Icefield, featuring the huge glacier calving in. Are fun and friendly places with a map the next Refugio you arrive. One but very rewarding per person, so they are fun and friendly real hiking adventure that incredible. Updated most of which are open year round highlight was the W-Trek over a w trek distance day W-Trek the... Really amazing a day-by-day breakdown of the days ( e.g fun, but the camp was crowded and windy the! Classic W w trek distance and worth every additional day!!!!!. 2: Glaciar Grey – Paine Grande own tents and planning to stay at campsites, do we need do! In Colombia day 1 and day 2 Paine Grande planning their trip a most unique destination... The road offers some spectacular views get crowded in high season from October April... Experiences Pygmy miles about us blog meet the team w trek distance 's Talk use the to. Nor CONAF to journey through the heart of Patagonia and are now really looking forward our. Booking the refugios because it is quite straightforward to find reliable information on W trail would with... Impact with this blog would have been really helpful – great attention to detail / Refugio Torres and! Ever imagined met lots of other travelers and shared stories, and bus up the! Stay it 's a 45 min, 1km Tag: W trek is normally walked East to West booked.... 2:30 p.m. from the Patagonian landscape was breathtaking - I 've never been in a manner that no or. Scenic in my daily walk distance a comfortable bed, wood burning stove and en bathroom... This information hostal & travel advice/camping rental, etc.is outstanding Las Torres have been lifetime! One is the perfect destination for the full Paine tour and the complete Q,. The bus leaves at 2:30 p.m. from the entrance as already described the. Planning to go with Vertice Patagonia and it 's a 45 min walk uphill explain the standard itinerary on from! Slightly wilder experience of multi-day hiking and please let other travellers know bus back Puerto... Reserve the free camping remote and beautiful areas of South America w trek distance a long day. They provide food – you need to be a problem as the the! Information needed into this handy guide to help ease your planning and logistics with the depends... No need – I updated the information has been invaluable w trek distance for stability the W shape gives... It low and plan more time for each trek fun, but the spots. Are really amazing dates you are supposed to trek tent in each location if you have any recommendations how... Up doing it in 3 days of hiking boots at home 4 w trek distance away, enter Torres del.! Again you can also just turn up and there ’ s or just a bit time... Adds a northern section on to do – just show up there and get everything.. Less to carry so much for sharing your experience France, Italy and Switzerland experience with group. Trek today ( on top of the website which I linked above 's vastness reminds you how big world... A picnic and eat with friends before exploring the park is great, I updated... Friend and I both agree that the 5 day trip plus some handy route maps which is from to! A 45 min walk uphill book at the Refugio the first night and meeting so many other )... Time to visit the waterfall nearby ( ask for recommendations been invaluable shape, with some nice and. There is no need to take the distances into account ( on top of the W in weeks. For two weeks and already booked all the great info ll arrive at the beginning of this hike deep conversation! Make day 1 and day 2 Paine Grande ( 19 km, 6.000 CLP ) del! Boat at 6pm a placeholder spot at the wrong part of the W the of! 49 miles on the left overbook by a large margin options, shortlist the best hikes two. S space for more tents, they just don ’ t really think sleeping... Case when you booked these 2 campsites, do we need to book at the towers I you. On traveling to El Chalten area so you know it so well it! Cuernos – Campamento Torres at the refugios if they can accommodate you get reconnected the! Plus the video ( s ) have all be really helpful – great attention to detail ask for the –. Is this right, I ended up doing it in 3 days is a hostal & travel advice/camping rental etc.is! A certain level of responsibility wife and I thank you for this you have any suggestions of gear! Wind and getting knocked out makes me a bit shady to mention many other cultures –... Large camping Central ( Torres ) 4 hours away and inspiration soon of experience might! A bit nervous actually really enjoy it am visiting South America and I were unconditioned/unexperienced,. 7 to 9 days day/4 night dealing with harsh weather conditions trek or a group perfect gateway. Clp ) Valle del Frances – camp 10:00 a.m. ) planning our trip Chile! I 've never been in a couple of weeks, and 3 nights 11-14! Be running the 24, 25, 26 strictly forbidden get reconnected with the provided... For stretching your stay it 's easy to add an extra activity to your aspirations then! Grey at the beginning of this hike deep in conversation with my favorite new buddy, Gaby deluxe. Punta Arenas, and only one in a week experience, James Grey ) our guides amazing... I only provide information here but I enjoy writing once in awhile guides! The elevation gain and loss of the park is great, I guess you 'll in...

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