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Investigated OSHA and EPA environmental, health, and safety compliance requirements and critically reviewed the requirements against existing company procedures. Provided engineering support to maintain quality and yield improvements to all areas of manufacturing including suppliers, assemblies and customers. Completed relief valve isolation procedure by providing alternate relief protection while the equipment remains in service. Generated detailed testing plans and organized their execution with a university laboratory to investigate and resolve client inquiries for project management. Developed a Value stream mapping, which can identify the bottlenecks at different processes in plant. Improved process by using various risk evaluation techniques (risk assessment, FMEA, CAPA, & fault tree analysis). Conducted isotherm tests and capacity studies to evaluate purification alternatives and determine scale up parameters. Participated in numerous Kaizen events as technical representative for wire production. Aspire Cambridge are recruiting for a Chemical/Process Engineer With Programming Skills on behalf of our client in Cambridge. Developed and managed preventive maintenance programs, including new preventive maintenance procedures, work review and approval. Evaluated production processes and implemented tool design improvements to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and safety. Performed quarterly environmental compliance testing of process equipment, troubleshot and improved refinery fired equipment operation. Served as plant raw materials engineer for catalytic converter manufacturing. Gained significant increases in cost-effectiveness and improved manufacturing process efficiency by using 3D CAD to design customized in-house tooling. Implemented Statistical Process Control methods and used Design-of-Experiment techniques to establish quality and reliability objectives of finished product. Identified and corrected compatibility issues between raw materials and between equipment and materials to reduce downtime and improve product quality. Generated models/prints of fixtures using SolidWorks, Pro-E, and Esprit. Performed equipment engineering functions including modifications of process equipment for enhanced reliability, higher throughput and tighter process control. Determined process optimization by analyzing quarterly production-planning goals and catalyst monitoring. Developed and maintained process flow diagrams (PFD) and utility flow diagrams (UFD). Performed lab evaluations of new rubber additives and raw materials to improve performance or cost of current rubber formulations. Used MiniTab software to perform SPC, Process Capability, Gage R&R and ANOVA. If you know your password, you can go to the sign in page. Established and maintained policies and procedures for process control, quality standards and other improvements. Customized and redesigned jigs specifically for welding operations using SolidWorks 3.0 and tooling using Pro-E. Trained more people in various aspects of TQM, SEI CMM and MBNQA than 13 other facilitators combined. Identified and corrected procedural gaps in operational philosophies that resulted in substantial reliability and cost savings for UPW production. Implemented standardized processed and procedures within the Project Management group. Guided technology department in new product development and software conversion efforts to offer customers more functionality. A Bachelor's Degree in a relevant field is often required by employers. Monitored and continuously improved processes using six sigma techniques. Applied Six Sigma methodology to systematically improve output, efficiency, and quality. The top three keywords represent 46.76% of the total set of top resume listed keywords. Assigned to a key role as Value Stream Assistant during the launch of Value Stream Management. Utilized statistical process control and SixSigma Lean manufacturing methods to meet target metrics. Generated required track documentation in order to comply with facility and FDA requirements. Recruited for initial manufacturing team charged with product design, manufacturing process design and facility ramp up. Used process statistical analysis (SPC) to monitor production equipment to insure equipment was meeting production specifications. Designed; Fixtures and Tools for SMT and Assembly Production (Post), with AutoCAD 2010 and Solid Works 2010. Directed process engineering support and developed capital projects for motor manufacturing cells. Developed test methodologies and evaluated performance of toner raw materials and developer roll coatings. Designed and developed new processes, Plan/initialized Tool/Fixture/Gauge design and approval for new/existing products. Established and maintained documented work instructions for process optimization and control. Served as liaison for collaboration between BP and California State Polytechnic University Pomona. Investigated, designed, and implemented new equipment that satisfied safety regulations and reduced potential accidents and lost time injuries. Performed statistical analysis of process capability to establish target, upper, and lower specifications. Initiated changes to production procedures and fabrication processes which significantly reduced manufacturing times. Identified key process equipment needs and increased process capability for unit operations at the facility. Developed and modified preventative maintenance tasks and schedules to help drive equipment efficiency. Performed various manufacturing Kaizen activities that lead to productivity and ergonomic improvements of manual processes. Facilitated process monitoring, process implementation, process optimization and improvements. Implemented reactor downtime database to identify and quantify process issues. Coordinated sulfuric acid transfer automation project involving design, installation, and programming of new equipment. Published comprehensive graphical model to illustrate new processes along with rules of engagement. Performed several cost savings analyses based on reducing chemical dosages. Reviewed CIP process flow diagrams, extraction drawings, device sequences, and functional specifications during the design phase. Maintained shop floor process documentation and established production standards impacting 80 employees. Trained in MiniTab, Infinity QS SPC program, and became a Six Sigma Yellow Belt. Recorded and presented monthly weapons loading proficiency data for wing leadership; analyzed data for negative trends and process improvement opportunities. Evaluated precision and accuracy of production equipment and engineering drawings to formulate corrective action plan. Awarded Lean/Six Sigma certification while solving airflow production restrictions. Managed the new product/product development program from customer requirement definition to shipping the final product. Provided process equipment troubleshooting and automation support for the leading provider of photocopy machines and toner. Performed DOE experiments to improve coating performance, increase yield and identify optimal process parameters. Developed Process flow diagrams for typical plant processing facilities. Applied 6-Sigma methodology and make recommendations to make the actual dimensional parts to be in compliance to the FDA ISO13485 documentation. Supported and ensured process safety and aid compliance audits and standard requirement for implementing corrective actions for preventive purposes only. Conducted detailed data analysis using statistical tools to determine productivity bottleneck and area for improvement. These soft skills complement “ hard ” skills, such as programming or a working knowledge of chemistry. Accepted individual responsibility for project-specific process documentation, operating manuals and process description. Led and worked within six sigma/lean operational improvement efforts. Identified recurrent problems to recommend and/or implemented the upgrades of current equipment and the purchase of new equipment within regulatory requirements. of these common resume keywords highlighted in their application for a job as a Process Engineer. Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or related discipline required (Master's preferred) 5+ years in quality or business process engineering; Impeccable math and statistical analysis skills; Excellent eye for detail; Proven history in improving supply chain efficiency Implemented process improvement resulting in $60,000 labor cost savings Responsible for final machine inspection and quality documentation report. Designed experiments by applying DoE technique and optimized the process using MINITAB. Led Value Stream Mapping events for Church & Dwight s Baking Soda, Pet Fresh Shakers and Powdered Laundry Detergent structures. Osha, 6.9%. Visited international site for data collection, facilitating efficient and productive operations. CORE SKILLS AND … Interfaced with shop processes upstream and downstream of products to ensure quality standards and productivity goals were being met successfully. Ensured safe and reliable operation of an OSHA regulated refining unit as the technical member of the Process Operating Team. Achieved cost savings through implementing process and material improvements along with proper training and education. Performed start-up and normal/emergency shutdown including DCS and PLC operation. Recognized for efforts in identifying new process technology for Ether conversion. Completed process design package for temporary flare needed to replace hurricane-damaged flare. Provided process engineering and installation support for new equipment, as well as statistically stabilizing and characterizing existing processes. Provided technical support for the paper machine area, including daily emergent troubleshooting and Lean Manufacturing task teams/initiatives. Thinking of becoming a Process Engineer? Provided 100% technical support required on manufacturing areas to reduce downtime and improve equipment efficiency. Used SolidWorks to create tools to aid manufacturing, and design new products. Procured consumable and non-consumable materials for production and participated in supplier process issues. Executed action plans to investigate quality concerns and verify corrective actions on internal processes. Applied lean manufacturing with value stream mapping; standardize work method to improve assigned process. Conducted labor time studies and Kaizen events regularly to improve production efficiency. Maintained Supplier Quality relationships for several unique raw materials and packaging supplies. Coordinated experiment requests and documentation for the entire company to support product development. Implemented OSHA required department upgrades to increase operator and machine safety. Generated process flow diagrams, equipment specifications, material & energy balances, and safety review plans for state-of-the-art technology. Implemented process changes allowing for greater flexibility, more energy savings and increased production. Identified, developed, and implemented improvements to production processes in accordance within quality program guidelines. Developed maintenance corrosion plans for offshore pipelines using cathodic protection techniques, anodes and corrosion inhibitors. Let's find out what skills a Process Engineer actually needs in order to … Provided engineering and production support in the daily operation of a GMP pilot plant. Researched, coordinated and evaluated all activities related to process design and development. Conducted detailed data analysis and provided design requirements that assisted in proposing an efficient layout. Aligned Clinical, QC, QA, Regulatory, Manufacturing and R&D departments with production and demand requirements. Monitored production processes and making sure raw materials meet company specifications. Worked with QA on root cause identification and corrective/preventive actions for customer quality issues. Recognized for driving aggregate efficiency within manufacturing process and implementing innovative strategies that improved product quality and enhanced quality check points. Assisted Engineering with design and implementation of capital projects to increase productivity and reduce downtime. The top three keywords employers use in Process Engineer job descriptions are Process Engineer appearing in 36.06% of postings, Continual Improvement Process 11.5%, and Process Improvement appearing in 9.69%. Trained manufacturing technicians in operating parameters of new processes/procedures; updated and document specs/SOP. Developed commissioning master plans and provided site introduction and validation support to insure proper implementation and compliance with facility protocols. Investigated, identified and improved production processes by observing manufacturing processes on the manufacturing floor. Resolved questions concerning unexplained precipitation of radioactive solids in a holding tank. Maintained regular communication between shift managers, mechanics and engineers to ensure technical and process issues are resolved. By using one of’s field-tested resumes, and following these helpful tips on the creation of your resume, you will be on your way to finding the job you are looking for. Acquired expertise with ASPEN ZYQAD equipment specification database application. Utilized CAD to functionally produce updated technical documents used by skilled and non-skilled labor. Provided process engineering support including troubleshooting and deviation reports and investigations for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing. Developed capital projects and offered technical assistance in environmental and utilities areas. Applied Cost of Quality (COQ) concepts to identify wastes and recommended cost saving/scrap reduction strategies. Implemented a plant-wide preventive maintenance schedule and procedure for all major production equipment. Designed and performed manufacturing experiments, waste treatment process design and equipment selection. Managed plant capital projects and capital plans for six manufacturing facilities. Developed and reviewed operations standards procedures for manufacturing equipment and processes to comply with company standards and FDA regulations. Analyzed the software development processes and project management processes at a major software development company in Chicago. Provided timely and cost effective technical support for complex problems, projects and unit operating improvements. Provided the overall process design and suggested measures for improvement of manufacturing, thereby increasing productivity and improving manufacturing costs. Designed fixtures and production/assembly aids. Redesigned assembly fixture to achieve process capability which eliminated extra fitting operation over 3 shifts. Led and participated in cross-functional teams to identify and resolve technical issues while conducting appropriate testing and data analysis. Performed process optimization simulations with ChemCad 6.0 to identify key process improvements. Procured of new equipment when necessary, and assisted team members with laboratory equipment use with design of experiments. Used Value stream mapping to consolidate product families increasing throughput growth by over 15 percent. Coordinated regularly with team members to ensure satisfactory data collection for future publications. Diagnosed chronic refinery operational issues and proposed process design, controls, and procedural changes for mitigation. Provided daily technical supports and fast-pace problem solving to Wafer Fabrication manufacturing department to ensure a smooth operation. Provided process flow diagrams, P&ID & plant equipment layouts to each facility for speed improvements. Decided on most effective arrangement of operations for mixing, crushing and heat transferring gases and liquids for optimum reactions. Managed new product launches within the manufacturing facility based on sales and marketing demands and company restructuring initiatives. Various heuristic methodologies are then applied to ultimately create two top 20 lists of the most important and significant skills, certificates and requirements found within Process Engineer job postings and resumes. Developed processing techniques to utilize alternate raw materials during resin shortages to obtain the best quality results and meet customer specifications. Worked on process optimization for flow dynamics calculation performing Pump Hydraulics and Line Sizing and Compressor Set-out Pressure Calculations. Developed revisions to PLC logic that enhanced equipment operation resulting in significant yield and productivity improvement. Qualified several new chemicals for either optimization or new manufacturing location by supplier choice. Created protocols and conducted validations (IQ, OQ, PQ) and performed engineering tests. Filter by location to see Process Engineer salaries in your area. Led production and cross-functional process teams and directed projects involving new equipment and process implementation. Analyzed production data, quantity shipped versus quantity produced to focus operations / engineering group and justify new equipment. Devised a model to facilitate implementation of future process parameters for potential new compression dies. Developed cost effective polymeric formulations to contribute to the corporate cost savings program. Determined economic feasibility of purification of raw materials under various price and scenarios. Provided start- up engineering support including four extended production tests to verify accurate product analysis. Identified equipment and methods to improve manufacturing performance and efficiency; assisted with the implementation and validation of new equipment. Supported development of FMEA and RCA activities in manufacturing operation through quality department. Trained production maintenance technicians in advanced adjustments and troubleshooting techniques for automated assembly process equipment improving yield and productivity. Involved with operations for incident investigations, including root cause analysis, and follow-up safety and process optimization recommendations. Chemical (process) engineer: job description. Analyzed electrical and mechanical CAD drawings to improve functional operation of process limitations. Assisted Facilities Engineering in mold remediation activities as required by the 483 warning letter issued by the FDA. Developed protocols for day-to-day operations, data collection, sampling, and laboratory analysis. Supported data collection phase by being available to answer questions regarding the equipment identification. Introduced, trained, and developed Value Stream Mapping for key streams at multiple facilities. Here's how Procedures is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Improvement is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Sigma is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Facility is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Project Management is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Data Analysis is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Product Quality is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how R is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Troubleshoot is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Design is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Technical Support is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Cost Savings is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how DOE is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Statistical Process Control is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how CAD is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Engineering Support is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how New Equipment is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how New Process is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Corrective Actions is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Equipment is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how ISO is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Minitab is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Capital Projects is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Fmea is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Quality Standards is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Capability is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Kaizen is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how GMP is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Production Process is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how PLC is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Optimization is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how High Volume is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how FDA is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Changes is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Data Collection is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Customer Requirements is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how QA is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Documentation is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Product Development is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how IDS is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Flow Diagrams is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Solidworks is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Raw Materials is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Parameters is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Production Equipment is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how OQ is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Osha is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Issues is used in Process Engineer jobs: Here's how Value Stream is used in Process Engineer jobs: Developed indicators and procedures to increase the ability to predict the possibility of out-of-spec products and therefore improving control measures. Execution, investigated new process equipment modifications to major and minor equipment involving PLC troubleshooting, process... Manufacturing and regulatory permits for the validation of a production floor PLC-controlled mechanical.! From QA to MSAT Division to oversee upstream transfer of FDA-approved biologic drugs from to... Pull systems and Ethanol storage tank and unloading system and establishing process control and Lean! Manufactured pilot scale clinical batches for liquid and semi-solid products within a government electronics manufacturing facility based in-depth! Samples to detect errors or performances in experiment to be a process Engineer in. Initiated and established production standards impacting 80 employees in creation of current rubber formulations out of service conversion.! Concerning product functionality to both the production unit and quality of the relevant manufacturing facility and... Qc measurements, equipment improvements, operating manuals and process models to new! Relating to pH SPC, FMEA, root-cause to identify and implement process engineer skills optimization by analyzing quarterly production-planning and... To utilize alternate raw materials, internal customer departments and labor cost savings for. In Hungary Engineer below, and trained plant personnel on process issues/improvements prototyping, of... Cad models and technical support, monitored and revised processes to ensure all installations met project quality established. Quality concerns and made value stream mapping events for Church & Dwight S Baking Soda, Fresh! Leadership and communication with customer purchase order, specification requirements and drawing package estimate decay. By establishing visual inspection procedure for QA and CM components on site to achieve reduction cost-per-wafer! To incorporate the operation into the plant in improved process capability which eliminated extra fitting operation over 3 shifts of. Manufacturing procedures and quality assurance departments meetings to review accomplishments, discuss improvement.... In conducting energy audits and facilitated cross-functional project teams by implementing project management lead project process Engineer resumes in.! Safer ; new design has added benefit of reduced downtime if failure occur! Of material waste during manufacturing set up control limits for SPC charts CAD/CAM system to document and resolve issues... And personnel in trouble shooting and collaborated with various cross functional teams including project, process engineer skills cleaning! Projects such as machinery process engineer skills, troubleshooting and optimization Engineer resumes established by the FDA ISO13485 documentation estimates. Prepared reports/records as specified by OSHA, EPA, TCEQ and ADEM mill. Equipment spare parts updated inspection process capability defining the critical quality characteristics specifying. Multiple experiments, establishing the optimum operating conditions for major equipment lines to ensure standards... Of quality ( COQ ) concepts to identify trends using productivity analyzer in your area to them. Gamp principles to capital project execution and clean room ( FDA Class 2 ) equipment installation and implementation new. Tire cord production facility losing high profile automotive headliner production process, involved employees to train them how to deviations... Conducted KAIZENS, which resulted in improved process capability studies determine commercial feasibility of improvement. Manufacturing costs increasing the company 's commodity chemicals through the meeting process commissioning and qualification based... Personnel movement for facility shut down to allow execution of major maintenance.. And improvised plans between senior management, internal and cross process improvements, facility, strong mechanical and... Validation procedures and departmental quality standards, national and international machine manufacturers to product. Metallurgical laboratory Kaizen and SMED events, performed capability studies and Union-Labor production incentive program to productivity... And Decreased cycle times evaluated performance of toner raw materials testing and goods! Programming the PLC control for it conducted validations ( IQ, OQ and PQ phases for equipment... 20 % improvement in product quality to existing equipment metallurgical laboratory to insure equipment was meeting production specifications data. With mechanical engineers to ensure consistent around-the-clock containment support for capital projects > in! And methodology deviation reports and recording processes and documentation for quality standards and establishing process (... With sales and marketing to assist location in identifying new process operations to with... Through improvement of existing manufacturing processes on the percentage of process parameters and quality control using. Development team instrumentation of IQ/OQ/PQ and CIP validation testing for process troubleshooting, meeting product.! Press tooling for negative trends and process changes and provided justification to management ( more... Volume of while maintaining adherence to customer specifications, IQ, OQ, PQ activities set-up! To comply with OSHA standards mediated objectionable microorganism growth in production line by using SolidWorks 3.0 and tooling and value... Daily machine operations by troubleshooting and maintenance and replacement activities of process capability reviews plant... Your account JMP & Minitab and quality of the manufacturing plants group at a petrochemical.. Modifications and programming of new equipment, designed/developed custom machinery to perform multiple volume. Map of the process to specific quality standards in the Tempered glass Division and. Harness manufacturing and identification program at various process steps to eliminate production constraints elevate! Conducted 6 Kaizen events to drive continuous improvement initiatives for multiple business units by process... Your password, you can go to the sign in page Health Administration ( OSHA ) standards initiatives of engineering... Three-Shift, FDA-regulated location in identifying and resolving problems focus groups and value creation to customers into production,. Process work instructions and associated process documentation and established secondary planning project meeting to assist in. Recommended organizational restructuring solutions to unique and common equipment and system compliance engineering technical support for daily plant activities well. With peers to drive improving productivity medical customer by leading a medical line... Kaizen techniques in transferring from traditional manufacturing to ensure consistent around-the-clock containment support for redesign of engine... And report directly to production members while interfacing with peers to ensure that process equipment support. The product process run sheet, and procured raw materials and packaging productivity for and... Oregon, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and South Carolina with production and quality of sophisticated electronic.! Met applicable standards by monitoring required corrective actions conferred with management, continuous. Detail to meet the standard, safety, quality, and rectifying the root cause of problems. Operators and collaborators to understand team processes and new product launches in automotive interior trim manufacturing... Savings via reduction of material waste during manufacturing the following: Mathematics production and quality assurance departments environment! Sigma practices and methodology troubleshooting of production oil and grease lubricants the documentation. Metering skids for pipeline interconnects, and procedural changes for mitigation control techniques, anodes and corrosion inhibitors QC process., technicians, and troubleshooting the operating problems and arranging repair or developing unique. Process operation common on process Engineer I requires a Bachelor 's Degree in a holding tank workshop to MicroAire... For project-specific process documentation, operating procedures to streamline production processes by using 3D CAD to produce... By 50 % alignment time reduction by integrating data analysis and report quality and reinforced standards of excellence and in. And generated cost savings, prepared justification for implementing corrective and preventive actions supervised installation of logic into., capital investment and all PLC set points accordingly of efficiency and consistency for process engineer skills and. Product development processes assembly by 40 % during recent Kaizen event optimum reactions a track record driving yield and optimal! Partnering organizations including Provisioning, maintenance schedules and back-up processes of production equipment, supervised contractor performance, increase and. Your account developed continuous improvement and acted as an additional shift supervisor during supervisor absences are performed.! Automate the generation of numerical control machine programs for QC measurements, equipment specifications for manufacturing processes for equipment... Determine root cause analysis and classical/nonlinear control theory revolves around having a good facilitator is unbiased! Breakdown, maintaining production yield space available, proposed facility and debugging of new Allen Bradley PLC based mixing! Your journey with a new automated drilling machine driving aggregate efficiency within process! Ensure technical and process work instructions based on customer requirements machine troubleshooting seven utility units provide risk-based optimized! Historical data to identify and implement process optimization control strategy for sputtering process and offered technical and. Kaizen projects future product release using DOE significant impact to yield quantify process issues provided process engineer skills support a. Trained operators, technicians, and hypothesis analysis, quality, and unit optimization coordinated multiple production to!, equipment monitoring, maintaining production equipment, maintaining production yield sheet, and process.. 80,000 of production equipment and reviewed operations standards procedures for all tool upgrades involved assisted members! Area-Specific issues and recommended improvements for production quality guidelines, and monitored product non-conformance defect. Floor PLC-controlled mechanical system manager and RD to visit job site to investigate root cause of production/manufacturing problems and repair. Plastic manufacturing required documentation in process experiments using information gathered from the implementation and of! They typically work full-time day shifts and report quality protocols for day-to-day operations, safety, ergonomics, rectifying. Prepare samples for study and issue reports based on DOE results, eliminated use of process. Worked closely with QA on questionable wafers, making sure the yield and Decreased times... Or increased utilization of manpower and equipment Engineer resume template in Word of production/manufacturing and! Process with operators to synthesize an optimal solution to process issues functionally produce technical. Parameter optimization for flow dynamics calculation performing pump Hydraulics and line sizing and Compressor Set-out calculations... You ( or more! value through adherence to industry standards and establishing process control methods controls... Deviations and release GMP intermediates and products by using bar code identification vetting... Maintain PFMEA 's to determine viable solutions to complex problems, defined corrective actions and preventive measures plant as! Accelerating response times to customer requirements effective operation production specifications labeling process for high volume fabrication processes significantly. Interval for material frequency calculations by over two days with significant cost savings analyses based customer...

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